Wheel mounting as of MY

A new security wheel nut is fitted for additional theft protection. This security wheel nut features a coding system that will only allow the corresponding socket bit* to be inserted.

As the weight of the security wheel nut and of the wheel nuts is virtually identical, it would normally be possible to fit the security wheel nut in any position desired.

To make sure that the same nut position is obtained when the wheel is refitted to the wheel hub or brake disc, the fitting procedure applicable to locking wheel nuts (refer to page 44 - 03) must also be observed for the new security wheel nuts. This is required to preserve the optimum balancing results obtained by finish balancing.

* Porsche does not supply the Special Tools. For additional information, refer to the Porsche circulars, Service No. 15/93 or 13/93 (Export).

Wheel mounting as of MY '94 Printed in Germany - XI, 1994

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