Adjusting timing ai cylinder [bank 1 3 Requirements

Three auxiliary chain tensioners fitted with correct pretension.

1. Turn engine to installation position on assembly support.

2. Remove fixing pin.

Advance crankshaft 360° clockwise until the bore 1 OT (top dead centre) in the belt pulley is aligned with the fixing bore on the crankcase. Position or fix with fixing pin (short) of special tool 9595.

3. Check basic camshaft adjustment of cylinder bank 1 -3

The groove in the camshaft must face outward toward the cylinder-head cover.

6. Fasten blocking device (special tool 9612) on the cylinder head.

Porsche Cylinder Head Repair

4. Turn engine 90° clockwise on the assembly support. Cylinder bank 1 - 3 faces upward.

5. If the allocation is correct, the narrow segment must face the cylinder head cover on the opposite side of the cylinder head.

View from the belt pulley side

7. Special tool fitting sequence:

A - Fastening screw with star knob on cylinder head lug. Pull back centring piece (B) and sword bolt (C) when tightening.

3 - Centring piece in groove of the exhaust camshaft.

Pull sword bolt (C) back when tightening. C - Sword bolt D - Centre section (pivoting).


2004 Jeep Liberty Fan Relay Location

10. Fasten sprocket wheel. Tightening torque 14 Nm (10,5 ftlb.)

11. Remove blocking device.


8. Undo four hexagon-head screws {M6 x 15) on the sprocket wheel on the opposite side.

9. Allocate camshafts; to do this, turn the pre-tensioned centre piece (D) accordingly until the sword bolt (C) can be fixed in the bearing bore of the inlet camshaft.

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