Refer to Workshop Equipment Manual, Chapter 2.4, No. 88

Socket wrench insert Torx T55

Commercially available

As of engine number M962065X02485 (modified cylinder head screws)

Fastening cylinder heads

1. Fit cylinder head gaskets. Note

The gaskets are identified by Zyl. 1 - 3 or Zyl. 4 - 6 with OBEN/TOP, plus the corresponding part number. Ensure correct seating of dowei sleeves in crankcase. Put on gaskets.

Porsche Cylinder Head Repair

2. Fasten cylinder heads. Moisten cylinder-head screws thinly with engine oil.

Tightening sequence of the cylinder-head screws

Initial tightening or tightening to flatten

2nd step: Completely loosen cylinder head screws

Fina! tightening

Isî sSep: Application torque 20 Nm (15 ftlb.) according to prescribed tightening sequence

2nd step: Torque-angle tightening 1 x S0° ± 2° in same sequence

3rd step: Torque-angle tightening 1 x 50° ± 2° in same sequence


Diagram shows torque-angle tightening with 60°.

Diagram shows torque-angle tightening with 60°.


3. After tightening the cylinder-head screws, additionally screw in four pan-head screws M6 x 35 (with captive washers) in the area of the chain box.

Tightening torque 10 Nm (7.5 ftlb.)

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