Art. No. 6024515 Art. No. 6023620 Art. No. 6023530 Art. No. 6024520 Art. No. 6024650 Art. No. 6000102

Art No, 5006015

Art. No. 6025665 {Items A to H: refer to Workshop Equipment Manual, Chapter 2.4, No. 54)

Commercially available, M6 x 40


Extractor Valve Guides
591 37

Item ¬°Designation Special too!

A Extractor for valve stem 3364


B Press-on tool for valve 3365

stem seal

C Pressure piece, for fitting 9605 the oil protection tubes

CI Pressure piece, for fitting 9605/1

the oil protection tubes (engine installed)

D Hand pressure piece 9604

E Tensioning screw for relieving 9632 the tensioning elements (VarioCam)


VW special tool

VW special tool

Use tensioning screw 9632/1 as of engine number 65X19696.

Variocam Porsche 968


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