Installing camshafts of cylinder bank 4 S

1. Turn engine to installation position on assembly support. Remove fixing pin. Advance crankshaft 360° clockwise until the bore 1 OT (top dead centre) in the belt pulley is aligned with the fixing bore on the crankcase. Position or fix with fixing pin (short) of special tool 9595.

1.1 Turn engine 90° counterclockwise on the assembly support until cylinder bank 4 - 6 faces up.

2. Fit cylinder head. Observe identification on the cylinder head.



2.1 Fit cylinder head gasket. The gasket is identified by Zyl. 4 - 6 with OBEN/TOP, plus the corresponding part number. Ensure correct seating of dowel sleeves in crankcase. Fit gasket.

4. Lay the completely preassembled unit, camshafts with chain and tensioning element into the cylinder head. The groove on the Inlet camshaft or lug of the camshaft position sensor cover must face downward.

5, Align camshafts accordingly and fasten with holding-down device, special tool 9611, and holding-down device, special tool 9624.

2012 Grand Cherokee Headlight Removal
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3. Fit guide housing for valve tappets.

5.1 Fasten holding-down device 9611 with auxiliary screws M6 x 45.


5.2 Fit holding-down device 9624 on the cylinder head using a MS x 30 hexagon-head bolt.

6. Check dowel sleeves (4 ea.) of the bearing saddles to ensure that they are properly seated in the cylinder head. Grease bearing surface, fit bearing saddles in correct position and tighten evenly. Tightening torque: 10 Nm (7.5 ftlb.). It is essential to compare the pairing numbers of cylinder head, cylinder-head cover and bearing saddles.



E = Bearing saddle for inlet camshaft A = Bearing saddle for exhaust camshaft

7. Fit tensioning element (VarioCam), Tighten 3 M6 x 95 pan-head screws. Tightening torque: 10 Nm (7.5 ftlb.)

8. Unscrew tensioning screw, special tool 9632, from the tensioning element.




9. Fit sprocket wheel with chain on the flange of the exhaust camshaft. Fasten guide raii.

Tightening torque: 10 Nm (7.5 ftJb.)

10. Position drive plate on the sprocket wheel. Fit hexagon-head bolt M6 x 15 (10.9). Tighten hexagon-head bolts by hand only.

11. Fit auxiliary chain tensloner of special tool 9599 on cylinder head 4 - 6, Fit auxiliary chain tensioner without sealing ring and fasten on the crankcase only hand-tight. Adjust pretension force with the hexagorthead bolt.

11.1 Slightly tighten hexagon-head bolts on the sprocket wheel to 10 Nm (7.5 ftlb.).

12. Remove holding-down device 9611.

13. Holding down device 9624 remains in the cylinder head until the cylinder head cover is fastened.

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14. Prepare cylinder head cover for installation: Clean sealing surface of the cylinder head and cylinder head cover very carefully. Apply bead of silicone on the cylinder-head cover. Refer to: Sealing cover for camshaft housing (cylinder head cover), Service No. 15 91 51.

Porsche Cylinder Head Repair


Carefully place the cylinder head cover in the correct position so that the sealing bead is not damaged. Screw two studs or centring pins into the corners of the cylinder head as centring aids.

Immediately remove silicone material emerging in the area of the camshaft closure cap,

15. Remove holding-down device 9624 from the cylinder head.

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