Porsche 986 Engine Direction Of Rotation

The compression springs of the auxiliary chain tensioners should be relieved after measurement. Unscrew thrust screw (wrench size 19 mm).


Installation position of oil extraction pump at cylinder head 4 - 6 (belt pulley side): The arrow for the direction of rotation or the marking "4 - 6" must face the crankcase. Fit oil extraction pump. Use new sealing ring and new micro-encapsulated hexagon socket head screws.

Tightening torque: 10 Nm (7.5 ftib.)

Allocation of chain tensioners

Installation position of the chain tensioners

(engine in installed position)


A - Chain tensioner, cylinder bank 4 - 6

Identification "Without"

B - Chain tensioner on crankcase

Identification "1 ring"

C - Chain tensioner, cylinder bank 1 - 3

Identification "2 rings"

Chain tensioner on the crankcase

Chain tensioner on the crankcase



A- ft

Chain tensioner on cylinder bank 1 - 3 m_<

Chain tensioner on cylinder bank 1 - 3 m_<

10. Fit caps (6 ea.) for camshaft bores. Installation

1. Clean receiving bore; remove any silicone material emerging. ¬°Manually fit new cap dry and press in as far as it will go.

Porsche Tool 9599

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