Screw tensioning screw in only until the chain is slightly relieved.

9. Unscrew three fastening screws (M6 x 95) for tensioning element.

10. Affix auxiliary chain tensioner (screw in by approx. 3 turns). Undo four hexagon-head bolts (M6 x 15) on the chain sprocket. Remove auxiliary chain tensioner again.

11. Remove drive plate. Connect sprocket wheel and chain with a tie wrap (installation position). With a second tie wrap, suspend the sprocket wheel and chain to the side under slight tension.

12. Detach two bearing saddles. Lever bearing saddles out of the guide sleeves.

13. Remove holding-down device (special tool 9611) from the camshafts.

14. Carefully lift the complete unit, camshafts with chain and tensioning element, out of the cylinder head. The chain must not jump over during this operation.

15. Lift out valve tappets with a magnet.

16. Detach guide for vaive tappets. Undo the pan-head screws (15 ea.) from the outside to the inside and remove the guide.

Installing valve tappets

1. Check guide for damage.

Refer to: Checking guide for valve tappets, Service No. 15 59 02.

2. Fit guide. Tighten pan-head screws (M6 x 35) from the inside to the outside. Tightening torque 10 Nm (7.5 ftlb,).

3. Lightly oil the valve tappets and fit in the guide.

4. Lay the complete unit, camshafts with chain and tensioning element, into the cylinder head. The groove or the tab of the camshaft position sensor cover must face upward.

If the allocation should be uncertain, e.g. chain jumped over, reallocation is necessary. Refer to: Completing camshafts, Service No. 15 05 33.

5. Fit special tool 9611, holding-down device for camshafts. Fit auxiliary screws M6 x 45 with washers and tighten to 10 Nm (7.5 ftlb.).

6, Check dowel sleeves (4 ea.) of the bearing saddles to ensure that they are properly seated in the cylinder head. Oil bearing surface. Fit bearing saddles in the correct position and tighten evenly. Tightening torque 10 Nm {7,5 ftlb.).

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