Removing and installing coolant pump Tools

Saltus Torque Wrench


No. Designation

A Hose clamp

B Spring-band clamp pliers

C Torx socket

D Flexible-head socket wrench

Special tool


Art. No. 3093, from Saltus* Art. No. 3094, from Saltus*

Mubea G0-190, from Muhr & Bender'

E12 (3/8 inch), from Stahlwilie*

Art. No. 4001-10, from Stahlwiile*

* = Refer to Workshop Equipment Manual

Removing coolsnü pump

Assembly work from below

EMo. Procedure


Remove underside panel

1 Clamp shut coolant hoses

Clamp shut coolant hoses with hose clamps by Saltus, order numbers 3093 and 3094.

2 Drain coolant

Undo drain plug at water guide housing and collect coolant

3 Undo spring-band clamps

Undo spring-band clamps with pliers type MUBEA G0-190

Assembly work from above

No. Procedure


Remove right-hand seat

Disconnect electrical plug connection. Undo four Torx screws with socket E12 (3/8 inch).

Remove service cover at passenger Remove rear-wall lining. Undo nine hexagon-head bolts compartment rear wall (wrench size 10 mm) and remove cover.

Remove drive belt

Mark belt travel direction with a coloured pen. Slacken belt, turning the tensioning pulley (wrench size 19 mm) clockwise, hold still and simultaneously take the belt off the drive pulleys. Visually check state of belt and replace if necessary.

Mo. Procedure

6 Remove coolant pump

7 Separate metal seal

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