Removing valve tappets of cylinder bank 1

1. Move camshafts to basic position. The groove in the camshaft must face outward toward the cylinder-head cover.

Farmall Valve Tappit Hold Down Bolt
View from the flywheel side 52537

2. Turn engine on assembly support until cylinder bank 1 - 3 faces upwards.

3. Unscrew chain tensioner of cylinder bank 1 - 3.

4. Detach and remove oil extraction pump at cylinder head 1-3 — on flywheel side.

5. Unscrew hexagon-head bolts M6 x 20 (2 ea.}. Remove closure cap from tensioning element (VarioCam).

6. Remove cylinder-head cover. Loosen hexagon-head bolts from the outside to the inside.


7. Fasten special tool 9611 (holding-down device for camshafts) with auxiliary screws M6 x 45.

Bridge Inspector Cartoons

8. Relieve camshaft tensioning element with special tool, tensioning screw 9632.

Jaguar Chassis Number Location

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