Activating the parking aid

1. Connect the PST 2 with the ignition off, then switch the ignition on.

2. Switch on the PST 2 and wait for the start-up screen.

4. Select the vehicle type Boxster in the left-hand window using the [v] key.

5. With the [v] key, select the Seat memory control module and press the [»] key

6. With the [v] key, select Modify coding and press the [»] key to go to the next level.

7. The Parking aid menu item is already high-lighted on your screen. Press the [>>] key to alter the coding.

8. Select the menu item active using

The parking aid is now activated.

10. Press the [«] key to switch between the right-hand or left-hand door mirror.

11. With the [v] key, select Parking aid with rearview mirror and press the [»] key

12. Select the desired side right or left

The selected rearview mirror is now activated,

14. Press the [«] key to set the degree of lowering of the door mirror.

15. With the [v] key, select Lowering and press the [»] key to alter the coding.

16. Select the desired degree of lowering using

The selected degree of lowering has now been

18. Press the [Esc] key 2x to quit this level

Setting of the system is now complete.


Heating diagnosis

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