Comparison table of input signals

In the comparison table, the following applies for the tester display:

Boundary conditions

Terminal 15 switched on and reverse gear not engaged Switch for memory seat adjustment not actuated The system is in perfect condition

Taster display Status

M B ution

M button not actuated

Butjbn J

Button 1 not actuated

Sutton 2

Button 2 not actuated

Button 3

Button 3 not actuated

Reverse gear engaged

Reverse gear not engaged

|oor contact closed (door od en}

Depends on door position

Supply voltage Terminal 15 signal [terminal 151 present

^Cancel parking aid

Cancel parking aid

jfrife-and-ait adjustment forward

Switch sign "open"

Fore^ind-aft adjustment backward

Swiicli sign "upen1

Front height upward

Switch sign a pen

Front height downward

Switch sign open

kear height upward

S.witch sign "open'

Fiecr height downward

.Switch .sign 'open"

Backrest forward

Switch siiiii 'uDen'

Backrest backward

Switch sign 'open"

Lumbar pump

Lumbar pump not active

Fill upper valve

Fill upper valve not active

Bleed upper valve

Bleed upper valve not active

Tester display


Fill lower valve

Fill lower valve not active

Bleed lower valve

Bleed lower valve not active

Button up

Button up open

Button down

Button down open

Button backward

Button backward open

Button forward

Button forward open

Left mirror to right

Left mirror to right not active

Left mirror to left

Left mirror to left not active

Left mirror upward

Left mirror upward not active

Left mirror downward

Left mirror downward not active

Right mirror to right

Right mirror to right not active

Right mirror to left

Right mirror to left not active

Right mirror upward

Right mirror upward not active

Right mirror downward

Right mirror downward not active

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