Connector assignment control module


Connectors on instrument cluster

Three colour-coded 26-pole connectors are connected to the instrument cluster.

Assignment of plug I (blue) Pin Designation

Retract spoiler relay Engine run signal

20 21 22

ABS-SILA Parking brake ASR/ABO Info ASR/ABO-SILA (TC) Left indicator light Right indicator light High beam

LED dim, terminal 58d Bulb dim, terminal 58d Extend spoiler relay Speedometer A Cruise control Outside temperature Coolant temperature Oil level

Fuel level sensor K diagnosis Tank status Brake pad wear Analog ground

Assignment of plug II (white)

Tiptronic POS. LTG. 4

10 11 12

Tiptronic POS. LTG. 3

Brake fluid level

Engine compartment blower coolant level switch

Oil pressure switch

Washer fluid level

Central locking system locked

Spoiler extended check

Retract spoiler button

Extend spoiler button

Door contact


Terminal 58

TN signal speed

16 HL speed 16 Cabrio convertible top

17 Tiptronic status 17 Cruise control

18 Tiptronic POS. LTG. 1 21 Terminal 31

19 Tiptronic POS. LTG. 2 23 Terminal 30

20 Top lever 24 LED dim, terminal 31d

21 Bottom lever 25 Terminal 15

22 Front lever 26 Idle period

23 Battery charge

24 Belt warning

25 Rear lever

26 Spoiler retracted check

Assignment of plug III (black)

1 Key contact, terminal 86s

2 Check engine

6 Information system IN

8 Terminal 31

9 ParkAssistent input

10 Terminal 30

11 Information system OUT

12 Terminal 15

13 Brake pad wear +

14 Airbag

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