Fault memory

Overview of the possible faults

Door(s) secured and terminal 15 on Door lock barrel closed, activated

Door lock barrel open, activated

Door lock barrel closed Ground short

Door lock barrel open Ground short

Door locking cylinder open/closed

Button, central locking sytem closed

Button, central locking system open

Button, central locking open/closed

Power failure, terminal 30 with active alarm system

Power failure during alarm output Wrong door lock module Door on left secured but not locked Door on right secured but not locked Control unit faulty

Signal from airbag Positive short

Signal from airbag Ground short

Power window control Ground short

Status line, signal converter Status line, signal converter

W-line (DME immobilizer) interruption

Passenger compartment monitoring sensor, ground short

W-line (DME immobilizer) positive short

No terminal 86 S recognized

Variant fault (new coding required)

Transponder (re-teaching required)

Passenger compartment monitoring sensor

Positive short or faulty

Passenger compartment monitoring sensor faulty

Signal converter faulty

Signal converter, coil fault

Transponder pill faulty or not present

Wrong key or wrong transponder pill

Switch, door secured on right

Switch, door secured on left

Servo motor, central locking system Positive short

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