Function individual components

1. Triggering unit

Processes the incoming signals and triggers the airbag system when an accident is identified.

2. Passenger's airbag unit (if fitted)

Contains the airbag and the gas generator for the passenger.

3. Warning light

1. System readiness indicator.

2. Fault indication.

7. Plug connection, child restraint system

If a child restraint system is used, the passenger's airbag unit must be deactivated. A plug connection (buckle) is installed under the passenger's seat for this purpose. The tongue of the child restraint system must be inserted into this plug connection.

4. Driver's airbag unit

Contains the airbag and the gas generator for the driver.

5. Contact unit

Connection between the triggering unit and driver's airbag unit.

6. Belt buckle, driver/passenger

A switch is installed in each belt buckle in order to detect whether the seat belt is fastened or not.

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