Function of individual components

The ParkAssistent is activated by engaging reverse gear with the ignition switched on (shift lever position R). During diagnosis the reverse gear must be engaged for this system. Otherwise the PST 2 cannot read out the

The control module is installed under the driver's seat and is protected by a cover plate.

[3]- Loudspeaker in the instrument cluster

The loudspeaker is integrated into the instrument cluster and is actuated by the ParkAssistent control module. The loudspeaker emits the following signals:

Signal type

Tone type

System readiness

0.5 sec. continuous tone, 1200 Hz.

Error message

Continuous tone after switching on each time, 600 Hz.

Obstacle detection

Signal tone with tone break.

Tone break is distance sensitive.

Continuous tone from a distance of 30 cm, 1200 Hz.

The sensor for ParkAssistent consists of the following components together with the support:

[3]- Sensor housing

[4]- Isolating ring

[6]- Retaining spring


[4]- Sensors for ParkAssistent

Four ultrasound sensors are installed in the rear spoiler.

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