General information

The PCM is protected against theft by a device code. Furthermore, the integrated navigation system is also protected by a code against unauthorized users.

Both codes must be input when the system is commissioned at the factory or after replacement of the display and operator control unit and the navigation unit. In both cases, the code for the PCM must be input first.

Only the NÄVI code has to be input again after the navigation system has been exchanged.

Only the PCM code has to be input again after an interruption in the continuous power supply (e.g. when the battery is changed) if both codes were input correctly before the interruption.

Code input

1. Switch on PCM.

2. The prompt to input the PCM code appears.

3. The max. 4-digit device code number is input and confirmed using the right-hand knob. Rotate knob to position the selection pointer to the option PCM and press. Select the digits by turning and confirm by pressing the knob. After entering the PCM code, select the option Confirm.

4. After input of the PCM code, the NÄVI code can be input analogously in order to activate the navigation system. If the NÄVI code is not input, the remaining system functions (telephone, on-board computer, audio system, main display and VC display) are nevertheless available.

5. Correction of incorrect inputs:

If an incorrect digit is input, position the selection pointer to Correction and

< 1 sec.: Last digit input is deleted. > 1 sec.: Entire content of the input field

Then continue with correct input.

If the wrong code was input

The system is locked up for around 10 minutes if an incorrect code was entered three times. Another three incorrect inputs lock up the system for an additional 10 minutes. After another three incorrect inputs (i.e. after a total of nine unsuccessful attempts), the lock-up time increases to 60 minutes (this also applies to all further groups of three incorrect inputs). However, the emergency-call function of the PCM system always remains available.

Activating the PCM

Vehicles leaving the factory are delivered with deactivated PCM in order to protect the battery, The PCM must be activated before delivery to the customer.

1. Connect Porsche System Tester 2.

2. Select vehicle type Boxster and start control module search.

3. Select PCM.

4. Select Modi fy coding.

5. Select PCM active,

6. Code PCM active with the F8 key.

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