An unlocked triggering unit can be locked under the menu item Lock.

A locked triggering unit cannot be unlocked again.

If a triggering unit is unlocked, the airbag warning light flashes. The triggering unit must then be locked.

Replacement triggering units are supplied unlocked.

The following messages can be displayed in a fault state:

Airbag was already locked No Porsche control unit Incorrect vehicle type Incorrect database version Incorrect equipment

1. Select Driver's/Passenger's airbag or Driver's airbag according to the vehicle equipment.

2. Select vehicle type. Note

The vehicle type cannot be changed again.

3. Select Lock.

In the event of a fault, the triggering unit cannot be locked.

In the case of the "wrong equipment' message, select the correct equipment.

Replace the triggering unit in the case of the other messages.

If there is no fault, the following message is displayed after a short waiting period:

Airbag was locked

This ends locking.

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