Overview of repair groupsBoxster

Group 4: Running gear 4

Front wheel suspension, drive shafts 40

Rear wheel suspension, drive shafts 42

Wheels, tires, suspension alignment 44

Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) 45

Brakes - Brake mechanics 46

Brakes - Hydraulics, regulator, booster 47

Group 5: Body 5

Body center, roof, frame 51

Door front, central locking system 57

Group 6: Body equipment, exterior 6

Convertible top, hardtop 61

Glazing, window control 64

Exterior equipment 66

Interior equipment 68

Passenger protection 69

Group 7: Body equipment, interior 7

Seat upholsteries, covers 74

Group 8: Air conditioning 8

Auxiliary air conditioning system 88

Group 9 Electrics 9

Instruments, alarm system 90

Radio, telephone, on-board computer, navigation 91

Windshield wiper and washer system 92

Lights, lamps, switches exterior 94

Lights, lamps, switches interior, theft protection 96

Group 9: Circuit diagrams 9

Wiring (up to and including the '99 model) 97

Group 9: Circuit diagrams 9

Wiring (from the '00 model) 97


Overview of repair groups

Printed in Germany - 34, October 1999

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