Switch inputs

This menu item enables switch inputs of the Oddments tray alarm system to be read in by the Porsche System Tester 2. This allows the function of the Convertible top compartment cover switch inputs to be assessed very quickly.

External input 1

The following switch inputs can be read in:

External input 2

Driver's side secured

Radio contact

Passenger's side secured

Alarm horn

Driver's side locked

Radio transmitter: Button 1

Passenger's side locked

Radio transmitter: Button 2

Door contact, driver's side

Door contact, passenger's side

Door lock barrel (open)

Door lock barrel (closed)

Button, central locking system (open)

Button, central locking system (closed)

Terminal 86 S

Terminal 15

Immobilizer deactivated

Crash input

Luggage compartment, front Luggage compartment, rear Convertible top/sunroof

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