System description Control module

The immobilizer, central locking system, convertible top comfort control, radio remote control and monitoring of the vehicle interior functions are integrated in the alarm system. The control unit is fitted under the driver's seat. There are 5 versions of the control unit:


Integrated functions

1. Basic system

- immobilizer (with signal converter)

- central locking system

- interior lighting

- power window enabling

- power window comfort function load disconnection

- alarm system and IR sensor hand-held transmitter

3. Comfort system 315 MHz

same as comfort system 433 MHz, but with 315 MHz hand-held transmitter

4. Comfort system 433 MHz with tilt sensor

same as comfort system 433 MHz, but with integrated tilt sensor

5. Comfort system 315 MHz with tilt sensor

same as comfort system 315 MHz, but with integrated tilt sensor

The alarm system monitors the vehicle's outer panels by way of contact switches on the lids and in the doors. Attempted break-ins should be recognised and indicated by audible and visual signals.

The alarm horn, hazard warning lights and interior lights are activated for alarm output.

The system can be extended by connecting additional sensors (glass breakage sensor, tilt

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