System description

The instrument cluster has two basic functions. It provides the driver with information and it also reports faults and malfunctions in the vehicle system.

The information includes visual display of the speed via the analog and digital speedometer, analog display of the engine speed as well as information about the coolant temperature and tank status. The right digital display in the instrument cluster shows the time, and displays the engine oil level when the ignition is switched on. In addition, a visual display shows which gear or which transmission range the transmission is in, and also displays cruise control readiness.

In connection with an on-board computer (optional), the average speed, average consumption, range on remaining fuel, outside temperature and a speed signal can be output via the instrument cluster.

Messages regarding faults or malfunctions can be divided into acoustic and visual warning signals. Visual warning signals include the warning and indicator lights. These show whether faults have occurred related to the brake system (ABS, brake pad wear, brake fluid level, parking brake), Traction Control, the safety of persons (airbag, seat belt), battery charging, emission control, the convertible top and roll-over protection system. They also give warnings for critical fluid circumstances (tank status, coolant temperature, washer fluid level, oil pressure).

The acoustic warning signals signalise that the key has been left in position or that the light is on although the engine is switched off. Additionally, a speed signal can be activated which emits a warning tone if a certain speed - determined by the user - is reached or exceeded. A warning signal is also emitted if the seat belt has not been put on yet. One other variable warning signal can also be programmed (e.g. warning tone for parking aid).

The warning lights go out after different intervals when the ignition is switched on. The convertible top warning light goes out approx. 5 seconds after switching on the ignition. The warning lights for brake pad wear, brake fluid level, parking brake, washer fluid level, tank and temperature go out after a further 30 seconds approximately. The warning light for the gurney flap goes out after the vehicle moves off. The remaining warning lights go out after the engine is started.

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