System description

The HBA system is installed in vehicles with

The HBA system consists of the following

Angle sensor for HBA, rear, with linkage

Angle sensor for HBA, front, with linkage

One stebper motor in each headlight (servomotor for HBA)

Control (module

Braking or changes the therefore tf already rea< when the dib| ing oncomin more, the s\ range for

Acceleration, as well as loading, inclination of the vehicle and headlight range. The HBA system :s to the above driving conditions ped beam is switched on, prevent-g traffic from being dazzled. Further-;vstem ensures an ideal headlight 5 driver in all driving situations.

The sensord at the front and rear axles measure the vehicle inclination and forwards this value as sensor signals to the control module, which carries out the further processing of the signals. If it should be necessary to change the headlight range, the stepper motors in the headlights are adjusted to the appropriate position. The HBA system also functions with the high-beam set-

When the ignition is switched on, the servomotors for HBA are set to the minimal position and subsequently returned to the initial position. There is a fault in one or both motor circuits if the servomotors are not set to minimum position when the ignition is switched on. The angle sensor (axle position sensors) are faulty if the servomotors are not set to high-beam position when high beam is activated (terminal 58 on).

When high beam is activated, the servomotors are set to high-beam position only if the parking light is switched on (terminal 58).

If there are faults in the motor circuit, the fault memory will be updated only after the ignition has been switched off and then on again. After remedying the fault cause, switch the ignition off and then on again and subsequently erase the

If the fault cause has been remedied, faults in the sensor circuit will be automatically deleted when the ignition is switched off and then on

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