Test point

Door lock barrel open, actuated for longer than 60 s Fault code 52

This fault is stored in the following case:

Short circuit to ground in the supply lead between plug I pin 15 on the control module and door lock pin 6.

The control module is faulty

1. Pull plug I off the control module

2. Pull plug off the door lock

3. Measure the resistance between plug I pin 15 and ground Ohmmeter display: °° Q

Fault, Fault code

PpstiibtL1 causes, élimination, notes

Test point 51

EPROM fault Checksum Fault code 53

This fault is stored in the following case: Replace control module.

Test point 52

Tilt sensor not in normal position Fault code 54

This fault is stored in the following cases:

Additional alarm system (alarm siren with tilt sensor) is not installed correctly

Additional alarm system (tilt sensor) is faulty Check installation position and position of the tilt sensor.

Short circuit to ground or open circuit between plug II on control module pin 5 or 10, and tank cap actuator Pin 1 or 2 or faulty shift elements for tank cap.

In the menu item Drive links, select "Tank locking" and carry out the drive link test. If the shift element for the tank cap does not react:

Pull plugs I and II off the alarm system control module

Ohmmeter at alarm system control module plug II pin 1 and ground Ohmmeter display: < 5 Q

Pull plug off shift element for tank cap.

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