8. Install insulators dry and press on lightly with the cylindrical sleeve's B-end.

9. Install multiple-tooth nuts (threads lubricated with oil) finger tight.

10. Proceed with both studs for the right crankcase section (near bearing no. 1) accordingly.

11. Mount M 10 x 1,25 hexagon nut and A 10,5 spring washer on the stud, with rounded side facing the hex.nut.

12. Tighten bolts and studs with 50 Nm (36.9 ftlb) Note specified tightening sequence.



A second person should always counterhold while tightening, to avoid damaging the O-rings while turning the bolts. Use a M 14 wrench socket from „Snap-on".

10 01 37 Dismantling and assembling crankcase sections

Printed in Germany - III, 1994

13. Tighten outer crankcase bolts with a final torque of 25 Nm (18 ft. lbs.).


After fitting the right crankcase half, a tube should be pushed on to connecting rod cylinders 1 and 4 as damage protection. If this is not done, the sealing surface may be damaged when the crankcase is turned.


Assembly instructions

Right half of crankcase

Installation of lower anchorage bolts on RS engine (M 64/20)


Additional O-rings (6 x 2.5) are inserted on 4 anchorage bolts of the lower bearing block mounts (bearing blocks 2, 3, 4 and 5) (part no. 999 707 288 40).



Insert the pre-assembled anchorage bolts into the right half of the crankcase from below. Place conical sleeve on thread end using special tool P 9511. Push O-ring (dry) into bearing block up to bevel. Remove conical sleeve.


Assembly instructions

Installation of cylinder base seals on RS engine (M 64 / 20)


Sealing is no longer provided by O-rings on the cylinder but by seal rings in the crankcase


Insert seal rings into groove dry. Grease seal rings slightly, but only just before installing cylinders.


10 10

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