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Importaint notes on the ABS 5 and ABS 5 / ABD systems

When carrying out operations on the hydraulic unit, the rpm sensors and the wire assembly, or when replacing units, a system check (operational check) with System Tester 9288 must be carried out. This may be required e.g. after accident repairs. This check ensures that confusion of electrical wires and hydraulic lines is avoided and that correct system operation is ensured. When replacing certain brake pipes, e.g. at the intermediate section (in the upper left spare wheel well), a system check must also be run. Inadvertent bending of the brake pipes may cause the hydraulic connections to be incorrect in spite of the presence of different threads (M12 x 1 and M 10 x 1).

2. If a fault is displayed, (and if no assembly operations have been carried out before) diagnosis and troubleshooting are also carried out with System Tester 9288. To run the test, select System ABS 5 or ABS 5 / ABD, respectively, and read out the fault memory. The relevant menus (page 45-9) may then be used to locate the fault.


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