Adjusting brake pushrod

The brake pedal does not have a stop. The fixed clearance In the brake booster is ensured by the fact that the brake pedal does not have any support in the neutral position when the brake pushrod is adjusted correctly. When the brake pedal is actuated manually, a pushrod clearance of approx. 8 mm can be felt at the pedal plate.

When the pushrod is adjusted at the pivot (3), the position of the brake pedal changes as well. In this case, the stop light switch adjustment should therefore be checked as well.

The brake pushrod is adjusted correctly when the brake pedal plate is approximately at the same height (± 3 mm) as the clutch pedal plate. (With clutch pedal in neutral position).

Checking stop light switch adjustment

The stop light must light up after a pedal travel of 6-16 mm (measured to the center of the pedal plate).

If the stop light comes on at a pedal travel of less than 6 mm, turn the stop light switch (2) to the right until it is actuated within the tolerance range. (Take care not to damage the electrical wiring and connector) If the adjustment range of the brake light switch is not sufficient, adjust the brake pedal at the pivot of brake pushrod 3 (by shortening the pushrod).

If the stop light switch lights up after a pedal travel of more than 16 mm, adjust the brake pedal at the pivot of the brake pushrod (by increasing the pushrod length) until the stop light switch is actuated within the tolerance

Stop Light Switch Brake Pedal


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