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To comply with legal requirements, a bubble level (A) well visible from outside is fitted to the reflector at the bottom of the headlight. This bubble level is used to adjust the headlights and check the height adjustment. To allow the side adjustment to be checked, an adjustable slide (B) is fitted to the side of the reflector. This slide is factory-set to the "zero adjustment mark" after the headlight has been adjusted.

The Fig. shows the headlight with the glass removed

Headlamps With Bubble Level


1. The vehicle must be placed on a level surface. Adjust with the vehicle in roadworthy condition (full fuel tank, driver's seat loaded with one person or 75 kgs, tire pressure meets specifications) using a headlight adjuster.


Set headlight adjuster to 10cm/10m.

2. Rotate upper adjustment thumbwheel (side and height adjustment, refer to p. 03 - 20, Fig. No. 1585-03 A) until the upper light/ dark cutoff of the low beam light area is in the center of the diagram shown.

Headlights Adjustment Requirements

3. Rotate lower adjustment thumbwheel (height adjustment, Fig. No. 1585-03 B) until the bubble inside the bubble level is in the "O" position. At the same time, the light/dark cutoff line must line up with the horizontal line on the left and right side.

4. Repeat items 2 and 3 if required.


The side adjustment of the headlights is marked by the adjustable slide.

This zero adjustment mark is factory-preset and must not be altered.

Readjustment should be limited to accident repairs or replacement of headlight assemblies.

Adjusting the zero adjustment mark:

1. After having completed the headlight adjustment, unlock headlight inside luggage compartment and lift out headlight.

2. Turn adjustment screw of slide (for checking the side adjustment) with "Torx Tamper Resistent T 40" special tool until the "zero adjustment mark" lines up with the reflector.

Porsche 993 Headlight Wiring

3. Refit headlight.

Adjusting foglamps

1. Using a headlight aiming device, adjust headlights with vehicle in roadworthy condition (full fuel tank, driver's seat occupied or loaded with 75 kgs, tires inflated to correct pressure).

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