Adjusting kickdown switch

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The idle position of the accelerator cable must be correctly adjusted.

Kickdown switch in installation position.

1. Connect system tester 9288.

2. Unhook pushrod from accelerator pedal.

3. Switch on system tester and select throttle valve in DME /actual values menu.

4. With the pushrod unhooked, push the accelerator pedal down to the stop (throttle valve open up to stop) and read throttle position 1 off on system tester.


With the throttle valve open (accelerator pedal fully depressed), the position is 84° ± 30.

5. Hook pushrod back onto accelerator pedal.

6. Push gas pedal down as far as possible without operating kickdown switch and read off throttle position 2 on system tester.

The position indicated must be 3° less than position 1 (tolerance ± 10).


If the angle is too large, set the pushrod to a shorter position.

If the angle is too small, set the pushrod to a longer position.

After resetting the length of the pushrod, check the angle. It must not be smaller than 79°

38 90 15 Adjusting kickdown switch

2. Remove multi-functional switch (see page 37-105).

3. Disconnect the connector from the transmission socket. To do this, turn the bayonet lock to the left and disconnect the connector:



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