Air cleaner

Replacing the air cleaner element

1. Unhook clamps and lift off housing cover.


2. Take out filter element and clean filter housing with a lint-free cloth.

3. Fit new filter element.

Check hose connections of entire intake system for tight fit!

Particle filter: Replacing filter element


The particle filters are fitted on the left and right-hand sides in front of the heater/air conditioning housing.


1. Remove cover for heating and air condition ing system. Screw out knurled nut and disengage retaining clamps from housing cover using a screwdriver. Lift off housing cover.


2. Take particle filter out of housing duct from above.


1. Place particle filter into housing duct. Assembly mark faces up.

2. Fit housing cover into housing duct from above and align with assembly mark of particle filter (refer to Fig.).

Fig. shows rear of particle filter and housing cover


3. The assembly mark of the particle filter is visible from outside in the housing cover.

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