Assembly notes

Removing and Installing spray tube on cam' shaft housing


In case of bearing damage and when rebuilding the engine, the spray tubes must always be removed and cleaned thoroughly. If bearings are damaged, the lateral oil ducts must also be cleaned (removed 6.7 mm dia. plug and opposite 6.3 mm dia. balls). The ball may be pushed out with a threaded bar (M5) from the opposite side. Balls that do not retain a press-fit should be replaced by a plug.

Removing the spray tubes Removal

1. Pre-drill lateral plugs (8.15 mm dia.) and upper plug (12.5 mm dia.) with a 4.8 to 5 mm dia. drill to a depth of approx. 9 mm and tap in an M 6 thread with a bottoming tap. Pull out plug with M 6 screw and

Positioning spray tube with auxiliary tool

Turn original plug (Part No. 993.105.345.00) down to an outside dia. of 12.4 mm. Tap M 5 thread into plug and screw in suitable screws, e.g. M 5 x 35. Push spray tube into camshaft housing. Smaller bores (6 bores) face camshaft. Use auxiliary tool to position spray tube. Coat new plug with Optimoly HT and press in flush.



Apply a coating of Optimoly HT to the new plug and press in flush.

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