Assessing the condition of the steering gear of an accident

The steering may remain on the car, if all of the following conditions are met:

No visible damage to front-axle components such as wheels, spring struts, wheel carriers, control arms, steering arms, tie-rods, front-axle crossmember, front-axle side members, steering shaft as well as body mounts of suspension components.

No inadmissible increase of torque and no binding or sticking when turning the steering gear from lock to lock. When turning the steering gear, the front wheels must move freely (i.e. front axle must be lifted); in addition, the engine must be off (no power supply to servo-pump).

Admissible tolerances of suspension alignment must not be exceeded.

The steering box must be replaced or exchanged if any of the following points apply.

Damage to steering gear is visible or can be felt

Burning damage (e.g. bellows of steering burnt)

Permanent deformation or cracking of:

Steering gear mounts

Tie rods

Steering arms

Spring struts (except for 928)

Wheel carriers

Control arms

Front-axle side members

Front-axle crossmember

If the above criteria are not sufficient for a decision, it is recommended to exchange or replace the steering gear.

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