Body parts of stronger sheet steel

The following body parts are made from stronger sheet steel!

Porsche 911 Floor Replacement

A = Front wheel housing B = Inner side member C = Front floor section member

General remarks on body parts of stronger sheet steel Applicable to the 911 Carrera (993) types

Body parts of stronger sheet steel contribute to the strength of the passenger compartment and thus serve to protect the passengers. Furthermore, the fatigue strength is improved in addition to the crash safety.

In terms of crash behaviour, body parts made from stronger sheet steel are distinguished for their high energy absorption. But this also means that higher reshaping force must be applied in straightening work.

Welding work

Body parts of stronger sheet steel can be welded using the MIG welding processes that are customary in workshops. The use of the oxycetylene welding process is not permissible for body parts made from stronger sheet steel.

Repair note:

If significant deformation in this type of body panels has occurred, they cannot be brought back into shape by straightening. Body repairs therefore require fitting of new panels and/or sectional repairs.

For these purposes, only "Original Porsche Parts" and/or sections of "Original Porsche

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