Brake system

Visual inspection of brake pads and brake Note

The brake pads must be replaced on both sides of one single axle as soon as the brake pad wear warning lamp lights up or, at the latest, when the pads have worn down to a thickness of 2 mm. If pad wear is indicated by the wear warning lamp, the warning contact (sensor complete with wire and connector) must be replaced. Replacement of the warning contact(s) can be avoided by replacing the brake pads at the latest when they are worn to a thickness of 2.5 mm. Warning contacts must be replaced if the wire core is exposed. Replacement is not necessary, however, if rubbing wear is limited to the plastic part of the warning contact only.

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1. Remove rear wheels to check rear brake pads.

The front brake pads are visible with the wheels fitted.

2. Check brake pads visually for wear.

The wear limit is reached as soon as the remaining pad thickness is down to 2 mm.

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