Carrera RS Disassembling and assembling spring strut rear


Remove plug no. 1 using the modified special tool VW 457 (see note on

- Preload coil spring using a spring tensioning device - e.g. by Klann -, until there is no load on the piston rod.

To separate the connection - piston rod to spring strut mount - use a 7 mm open-jawed wrench for locking the piston rod. Important: Do not use an impact screwdriver to slacken and tighten fastening nut no. 2.

Remove all parts from the piston rod.


Preliminary work and assembly notes

- Observe parts assignment according to the spare parts catalog when installing new parts.

- Replace fastening nut no. 2 (ribbed collar nut).

- It is recommended to replace the coil springs in pairs.

- When replacing the vibration damper, set nut no. 11 for height adjustment to the same position as on the old vibration damper (transferring adjusting dimension to the new damper).

Apply Optimoly TA to the thread of the adjusting nut.


On spare dampers, the stabilizer mount

(arrow) is pre-set. For adjusting dimensions


Fit protective bellow to additional spring.

Mount shock absorber eye onto a vise to clamp vibration damper (use protective jaws).

Preload coil spring using spring tensioning device.

On mounts that have run dry, the bearing cup can be greased using Autol Top 2000.



Paradiesstr. 14

97080 Wurzburg



- Push the assembly consisting of protective tube and additional spring onto the piston rod.

- Push shim no. 9 onto the piston rod up to the stopper.

- Fit coil spring to vibration damper.

The narrow winding of the spring coil must face the spring strut mount. Fit spring retainer no. 8 to the end of the coil spring.

- Fit spring strut mount (assembly of mount no. 4 / spacer sleeve no. 5 / bellows no. 7 / retainer spring no. 6) to the piston rod. Imporant: Observe installation position of spacer sleeve no. 5.


Fit spacer sleeve no. 3 in correct position. Turn new fastening nut (collar nut) on the piston rod. Use a 7 mm open-jawed wrench for locking the piston rod when tightening the fastening nut. Tightening torque 58 Nm. Important: Do not use an impact screwdriver to tighten the fastening nut.

Install new plug (arrow). The thread of the mount must not contain any residuals (stemming from the microencapsulation). Furthermore, the thread must be fat-free. To tighten the plug with a tightening torque of 180 Nm, screw the modified special tool VW 457 to the spring strut mount, then load the special tool on a vise. The modifications to the special tool are described at the end of this page.


Modifications to special tool VW 457

To modify the special tool, drill two holes into a take-up rail applying the following



Position the spring strut mount for installation (observe correct position of the spring strut mount relative to the shock absorber eye).

Important: Do not damage the bellows no. 7 when turning the mount. If necessary, turn the bellows as well when turning the mount.

44 Wheels and tires

Tire condition / tire pressure

Tires are safety-relevant items that are only capable of meeting the requirements imposed if they are run at the correct tire pressure and with sufficient tread depth.

The tire pressures indicated are minimum pressures. The tires must never be run at lower pressures since this affects roadholding adversely and may lead to severe tire damage.

Valve caps protect the valve against dust and dirt and therefore help prevent leaks. Always screw on caps tightly and replace missing caps.

For safety reasons, do not limit tire checks to checking the tire pressure but also check for sufficient tread depth, ingress of foreign objects, pinholes, cuts, tears and bulges in the sidewall (cord breakage)!

Tire pressure of cold tires (approx. 20° C.)

911 Carrera / 911 Carrera S / 911 Carrera 4 and 911 Carrera 4S (Turbo-Look)

16-inch wheels

(Summer tires and winter tires)

front 2.5 bar excess pressure rear 3.0 bar excess pressure

(Summer tires and winter tires)

front 2.5 bar excess pressure rear 2.5 bar excess pressure

Collapsible spare tire front/rear 2.5 bar excess pressure

M 002 = basic version / M 003 = Clubsport version

Summer and winter tires

(Winter tires = 17-inch wheels summer tires = 18-inch wheels)

front 2.5 bar rear 3.0 bar

Folding spare wheel front / rear 2.5 bar

Tire and wheel survey

For a tire and wheel survey for summer and winter tires, refer to the relevant Technical Information (Tl), Group 4. When replacing summer tires, you must ensu re that the specification number is correct. The specification no. N2, N1 or NO distinguishes summer tires which have been specially approved by Porsche from other tires of the same type and size.

Notes on tire fitting

When fitting tires, make sure that they are installed in the correct dircetion, i.e. with the inside facing inwards etc.

Mounting wheel on vehicle

See page 44-24. Tighten to 130 Nm (96 ftlb)

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