Changing brake fluid vacuum brake booster

Important notes

Use only new DOT 4 brake fluid. Observe change interval and brake fluid quality. Refer to page 03-11 for further information.

Total brake fluid quantity approx. 1 liter.

Procedure for changing brake fluid

Fill reservoir with new brake fluid up to upper edge. Connect bleeder device to reservoir.

Clamp shut overflow hose/venting hose with a hose clamp. The overflow hose/venting hose has been omitted as from October 1995; see Technical Information, Group 4, No. 16/95.

Switch on bleeder device. Bleeder pressure approx. 1.5 bar.

Proceed with brake fluid change on the individual calipers (no particular sequence required).

Open each bleeder valve until clear, bubble-free brake fluid escapes or until the respective change quantity per caliper is reached (approx. 250 c.c.). Make sure all brake calipers are bled on both bleeder valves.

To monitor the escaping brake fluid for cle anliness, freedom from air bubbles and to determine the brake fluid used, use a recipient bottle.

Also drain some brake fluid at the bleeder valve of the clutch slave cylinder (approx. 50 c.c.).

Switch off and disconnect bleeder device. Top up brake fluid if required.

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