Checking ATF fluid level

The specified fluid level is of great importance for proper operation of the automatic transmission.

Test requirements:

Transmission guard is removed

Vehicle must be on a level surface

Engine is idling

Parking brake is pulled

Selector lever is set to "P"

ATF temperature 80°C

The ATF fluid level must be between the MIN and MAX marks at a temperature of 80'C.


A = Testing range at 30°C ATF temperature B = Testing range at 80°C ATF temperature lf reJUfired'top UP with ATF fuid across the Drive shafts:

Visual inspection of cup seals for leaks Exhaust system:

Visual inspection for leaks and damage, check bolt connections for tight fit and

1. Check exhaust system for tight fit and complete exhaust system for leaks. Check mountings of exhaust system.

2. Check that connection at heat exchanger/ cylinder head bolt union is tightened correctly.

3. Check all flange connections of exhaust system as well as oxygen sensor and emission test plugs for proper tightening.

Tightening torques:

1 - Heat exchanger to cylinder head 23 Nm

2 - Heat exchangerto catalytic converter23 Nm

4 - Strap for catalytic converter or front muffler 20 Nm (15 ftlb.)


The ATF temperature may be determined precisely with System Tester 9288.


Checking tire condition and tire pressure Tire condition

Tires are safety-relevant items that are only capable of meeting the requirements imposed if they are run at the correct tire pressure and with sufficient tread depth.

The tire pressures indicated are minimum pressures. The tires must never be run at lower pressures since this affects roadholding and may lead to severe tire damage.

Valve caps protect the valve against dust and dirt and therefore help prevent leaks. Always screw on caps tightly and replace missing caps.

For safety reasons, do not limit tire checks to checking the tire pressure but also check for sufficient tread depth, ingress of foreign matter, pinholes, cuts, tears and bulges in the si-

Tire pressure of cold tires (approx. 20°C)

911 Carrera / 911 Carrera S / 911 Carrera 4/911 Carrera 4S

16-inch and 18-inch wheel

(16-inch and 18-inch wheels (summer tires

16-inch winter tires)

front 2.5 bar exc. pressure rear 3.0 bar exc. pressure

17-inch wheels (summer and winter tires)

front 2.5 bar exc. pressure rear 2.5 bar exc. pressure

Collapsible spare tire front/rear 2.5 bar exc. pressure

M 002 = basic version / M 003 = Clubsport verion

Summer and winter tires

(Winter tires = 17-inch wheels summer tires = 18-inch wheels)

I front 2.5 bar rear 3.0 bar

Folding spare wheel front / rear 2.5 bar


911 Carrera (993)

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