Determining the end clearance

Specification: 0.2...0.4 mm Note

Check the end clearance whenever the transmission has been reassembled and readjust if required, using adjusting washer No. 12

1. Assembly transmission (complete with spur gear drive and front transmission cover).

2. Screw centering pins 9321 into transmission case and apply some grease (vaseline) to stick paper gasket to sealing surface.

3. Using some grease (use vaseline), stick the removed adjusting washer to the final drive and put housing carefully into position.


A - Centering pins 9321

4. Tighten all mounting screws to 46 Nm

5. Mount measuring sleeve of Special Tool 9338 with three mounting screws on the stator shaft in such a manner that no play

A - Centering pins 9321

38 10 05 Determining the end clearance

6. Slide measuring device of Special Tool 9338 over drive shaft teeth and tighten with clamping screw so that it cannot be tilted.


7. Set measuring sleeve to zero with a certain

8. Determine end clearance by pulling the handle. Repeat measurement several times.


If a deviation is detected, remove final drive again and fit a thinner or thicker adjusting washer as required. Recheck end clearance afterwards.

38 91 05

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