Diagnosis Troubleshooting Tiptronic

911 Carrera (993)

Tiptronic Diagnosis

Fault, fault code Possible causes, elimination, notes

Test point 31 Torque converter clutch always open

Torque converter Fault possibility: mechanical/hydraulic fault in transmission

*au't 1) Check ATF level and correct if necessary (refer to 911

Fault code 70 Carrera (993) Workshop Manual, Page 37 - 101).

2) Erase fault memory and perform a test drive.

The diagnostic test conditions are achieved if:

- the torque converter clutch is electrically closed

3) Read out fault memory again.

The following areas have to be checked if the fault is still

- hydraulic control unit (jammed spool valves)

- transmission (slipping clutches)

Diagnosis/Troubleshooting Tiptronic Printed in Germany - 20, 1997

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