Disassembling and assembling handheld transmitter

Car keys with integrated hand-held transmitter for vehicles with immobilizer


The car key has been designed as a folding Hold housing in your left hand and press "A" Press "A" button and fold key into the housing


A - Button to fold the key in and out B - Key for remote control C-LED

Disassembling housing with key

1. Slacken screw in upper part of the housing

2. Carefully remove battery and printed-circuit

3. Fold out car key with "A" button from lower

4. Carefully open and pull out cap using a small, pointed screwdriver and working from the front (arrow). Remove compression


2 - Compression spring

3 - Locking slide

5. Push locking slide in the lower housing part slightly back using a screwdriver and pull out key.

6. Reinstall compression spring and cap. Snap new key into the lower part of the housing.


7. Install printed-circuit board in correct position in the upper part of the housing. Install battery (observe polarity). Plus and minus are marked in the upper housing part.


8. Fit upper housing part and check operation

90 73 37 Disassembling and assembling hand-held transmitter

Printed In Germany -16, 1995

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