Drive unit

Internal engine designation

No. of cylinders



Displacement (actual)

Compression ratio

Max. engine power to 80/1269 EEC Net Power, SAE J 1349 at engine speed to 80/1269 EEC

Net Torque, SAE J 1349

at engine speed

Max. specific power output

Rpm limiter, fuel cutoff at Idle speed Fuel octane rating

Engine weight (dry, ready for fitting)

Manual transmission


Manual transm. Tiptronic mm/in. mm/in. c.c./

Nm/kpm Nm(lbft)


USA 07 USA 08

Engine design


Crankcase Crankshaft Main bearings Connecting rods Big end bearings Pistons Cylinders Cylinder head

Valve guides Valve arrangement Valve timing Camshaft Camshaft drive Valve clearance for 1 mm valve lift and zero clearance

6-cylinder four-stroke internal combustion engine with 2 horizontally opposed cylinder banks (flat

Light-alloy, two-piece Forged, 8-bearing design Friction bearings Forged

Friction bearings

Light alloy, pressed

Light alloy, individual cylinders

Light alloy, individual cylinder heads with ceramic


1 inlet, 1 exhaust, suspended in V-design One overhead camshaft each on right and left Cast

Double chain Hydraulic lash adjustment

Inlet opens Inlet closes Exhaust opens Exhaust closes

1 degree BTDC 60 degrees ABDC 45 degrees BBDC 6 degrees ATDC

Induction system

With controlled tuning flap

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