Fitting side section in the body

No. Operation


Cleaning welding areas

Use a hot air gun or rotary brush to remove underbody coating and paint layers etc. Remove the factory-applied primer coat from the welding areas of the spare

1 Cutting off side section

Cut side section at the folded edge in the area where the side section meets the rear centre panel.

2 Adapting side section to

Adapt side section to the body. Fit door and rear cover to check the body contours. The gaps between the door and body and between the rear cover and body must be parallel along the entire perimeter.

Adapting side section to the rear centre panel

Cut the side section - 2.5 cm to the outside and 18 cm to the rear from the gap - and the underlying overlapped panel using the body saw.

Tack-welding the side section with the MIG welder

Use the MIG welder to tack-weld the wheel housing with the side section B-pillar, side section edge and the wheel housing edge at top and the side section at rear

Welding spare side section to body side section with the

Use the MIG welder to weld the spare side section to the body side section with a continuous butt weld.

Spotwelding and MIG welding the side section

Spotweld side section, B-pillar, to the wheel housing at front. Use the MIG welder to weld the side section to the side member at the outside and wheel housing at

Spotwelding and MIG welding the side section at rear to the

Spotweld the side section to the wheel housing at rear; weld the side section end to the cross member with the MIG welder.

No. Operation


Grinding MIG weld seams

Grind MIG weld seams between the spare side section and body side section and side member at the outside.

Spotwelding edge fitting to the side section at the inside

Position edge fitting at the wheel housing liner at the front on the inside and spotweld in place

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