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10 Engine, Crankcase, Engine Mounts

10 01 19 Removing and installing the engine 10-101

10 01 19 Removing and installing the engine

Special Tools

Porsche 993 Engine
Porsche 993 Engine Support



Special Tool

Order No.



Engine mounting plate



Attach auxiliary support


Adapter for engine mounting plate




Support plate



10 01 19 Removing and installing the engine

Auxiliary support for Special Tool 9111/3, attach engine mounting plate

The auxiliary support should be fabricated in the shop

Porsche 993 Engine Support
993 Porsche Engine Compartment

10 01 19 Removing and installing

The engine and transmission assembly is removed as a unit from below.


Raise vehicle at jacking points. Disconnect battery ground cable

3. Place a suitable protective cover or a piece of hose on upper lock section protruding from engine compartment cover (to avoid injury). Place rear protective cover into position.

4. Disconnect connector, remove air conditioning compressor from console and leave it attached to the hoses connected to it. The compressor can be placed on a suitable rigid support on the left-hand side panel.


5. Remove complete air cleaner assembly engine

Porsche 993 Knock Sensor

7. Remove cover of electrical system in engine compartment. Disconnect connectors carefully (to avoid breakage).

Bmc Air Filter Cover For Porsche 993


Unlatch connector A before pulling off.

6. Remove switch-over flap (fresh air / engine air) and rear heater blower.

8. Disconnect the following connectors or wires in left front engine compartment area

Porsche 993 Knock Sensor

- To carbon canister

2 - To brake booster

4 - To knock sensor

5 - Cruise control connector

6 - To reference mark sender

9. Undo hexagon head bolt and take off wiring bracket. Disconnect connectors. (Take care not to damage connector seal).


10. Pull off both hose connections of crankcase / oil reservoir breather.

Porsche 993 Engine
10 01 19 Removing and installing the engine

11. Detach breather hose from resonance flap

13. Pull off cover, unlatch oxygen sensor connector and pull off connector.

Porsche 993 RestorationPorsche 993 Resonance Flap

12. Release throttle operating cable. Push rubber grommet out of bracket.


14. Drain power steering pump tank (draw off fluid). Pull off spark plug connectors of cyl. No. 4 and cyl. No. 5. Place suitable container under power steering pump. Undo hoses and catch spilling fluid. Plug all openings immediately (to prevent dirt


15. Undo fuel return and fuel supply lines, using a second wrench to lock. Catch overflowing fuel in a .suitable pan.

LH side - Fuel return

RH side - Fuel supply

16. Remove rear oddments tray from center tunnel console. The fastening screw is located under the rubber insert. Flip damping tab over. Remove cover. Unscrew central tube to transmission

Porsche 993 Restoration

Assembly operations with vehicle raised

1. Take off underpays of engine, transmission

2. Release ball clamps and remove tailpipes

3. Take off both rear mufflers.


The rear mufflers engage into their brackets

4. Unbolt drive shafts from transmission flange and place them on the side sections of the subframe. Protect drive shafts against damage, e.g. with short hose sections.

5. Push rubber boot forward over shift rod coupling and release fit bolt.

6. Unscrew both Allen bolts from clamping sleeve and push clamping sleeve forward

Diagram of shop-made tool

Flap Forward Rod End


Transverse Strut 993


7. Install shop-made flat iron bar tool. (To support central tube when unbolting the tube).

Painting Arrow Shafts


8. Take off heater air hoses, heater air pipes, heater air flaps and front transverse strut.



9. Remove complete stabilizer bar assy.

10. Separate toe arms (arm No. 2) at both ends. Slacken outer mounting (arrow A) only. Mark installation position of inner mount (toe eccentric, arrow B), e.g. with a scriber, and highlight mark with a dot of paint. Remove toe eccentric (arrow B) and separate control arm.

11. Mark position of rear crossmember. Remove crossmember (four mounting bolts).


12. Undo right-hand sill cover and drain engine oil from thermostat housing. When the engine has to be rebuilt, also drain oil from crankcase.

Caster Eccentric Bolt Porsche 993

13. Undo ground strap between body and starter motor from lower starter mount.

14. Release wire No. 30 from starter.

15. Unbolt clutch slave cylinder and suspend to one side complete with the fluid line

16. Separate oil return line from transmission.

17. Undo oil return line, using a second wrench to lock. Plug oil return line (36 A/F) and screw-in flange (32 A/F).

18. Release hose clamp from oil supply line and catch remaining oil in a pan.

Porsche 993 Engine Support


Porsche 993 Engine Under

19. Place jack with engine support plate under vehicle, placing jack under light preload.

Note a. Notice position of support plate. Lock lever b. The support blocks of the support plate


How Long Takes Drop Porsche 993 Engine

20. Undo transmission crossmember (6 bolts). Unbolt engine mount (use long socket).

21. Take off inspection cover of assembly cutouts for engine mount in rear engine end plate and undo hexagon head nuts from engine mounts.

22. Lower engine/transmission assembly until central tube rests on the shop-made flat iron bar.

23. Lower engine/transmission unit further. Move or place right-hand drive shaft over starter. Take care not to damage lower spark plug socket (cyl. No. 3) and clutch housing breather pipe and accelerator cable when lowering the assembly.


When the vehicle is placed on its wheels, the rear cross member and both arms No.

2 should be installed to ensure stability of the vehicle.


Do not actuate the clutch pedal when the slave cylinder has been removed. Attach a note to this effect inside the vehicle.


When refitting the engine, observe the following:

1. Check all hoses and oil lines to make sure all plugs have been removed completely -particularly in the elbow sections of the hoses and oil lines

2. Tighten fastening bolt of selector rod coupling to 23 Nm (17 ftlb.).

3. Reconnect accelerator cable. Check for correct location of rubber grommet.

Breakage Accelerator Cable

5. Check for correct positioning of inner rubber seals of connectors.

2. Remove M 6 x 16 hexagon head bolts, bracket and bearing cover. Pull out release lever shaft with M 6 x 40 hexagon head bolt.


To protect the paneling against damage when removing and installing ihe engine unit, attach a shop-made sheetmetal panel to the rear muffler that will allow the power unit to slide off without causing damage.



4. Install engine compartment rubber seal between body and engine paneling. Take care to fit rubber seal correctly.

Unbolting and refitting the engine

1. Take wire off the starter and detach wire


Removing the bearing cover

Porsche 993 Bellhousing


Removing the bearing cover

Working across rectangular aperture, use a suitable screwdriver to push bearing cover (of clutch bellhousing) out of bearing hole.


3. Undo four mounting nuts and separate transmission from engine. Undo upper mounting nut from starter using Special Tool P 1119.


Grease all sliding surfaces of clutch release assembly and input shaft splines with Olista, Longtime 3 EP. Do not grease sliding surface of release bearing and guide tube

2. Fit transmission to engine.

3. Engage release lever shaft complete with seals into release fork.

4. Working across assembly cutout, remove adhesive tape from release fork.

5. Fit needle roller bearing, bearing cover and bracket and fit with M 6 x 16 hexagon head bolt (also refer to assembly notes, Group 30, page 30-1).


Fitting bearing cover

Locate bearing cover with assembly mandrel, e.g. Special Tool 9287 (mandrel for removing actuator of headlight beam adjuster) and push cover carefully home to stop.


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