Important information for suspen sion alignment operations

When checking/adjusting the suspension alignment, observe the following items:

Height adjustment/wheel load change

Changing the height on one side will simultaneously cause a change in wheel load. A wheel load change on one wheel will also change the wheel loads of the other

The wheel load is increased by increasing the installed spring preload on one side (raising

The wheel load is reduced by reducing the installed spring preload on one side (lowering

Wheel load changes are always transmitted diagonally on the other side of the axle. In other words, when the wheel load is reduced or increased on one wheel, the same happens on the diagonally opposite wheel.


Front right spring preload B is increased. This causes the wheel load

- to increase at the left rear C and right front B

- to decrease at the right rear D and left front A

The left to right wheel load difference should be as small as possible on the front and rear axles (less than 20 kg, 44 lbs.) whenever possible).

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