Important information on ABS 5 and ABS 5 ABD


The Porsche 911 Carrera (993) is supplied as standard equipment with ABS 5 (5th generation) or optionally (M number) with ABS 5/ABD. ABD = Automatic Brake Differential.

The major differences between ABS 5 and ABS 5 / ABD are as follows:

Brake power controller at hydraulic unit: ABS 5 = 1 ea.

Diagnostics and system check of both systems are carried out with System Tester 9288.

The pulse wheels of the front axle (tensioning discs) and the pulse rings of the rear axle have 48 teeth. The versions used on the 911 Carrera 2/4 (964) had 45 teeth. This difference should be observed when fitting spare parts to avoid confusion.

The brake pipes are fitted with different threads at the hydraulic unit and at the adapter

This prevents or reduces the risk of the brake

The adapter is located in the left-hand upper section of the spare wheel well.

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