Important Note

To prevent damage to the tie rod ball joint at the steering end, do not pull the suspension too far down when extending the strut (do not pull down until the stop of the tie rod ball joint is reached).

Tie suspension immediately out of the way with a piece of wire or a tie-wrap (suspend at the top) after removing the stmt.

1. Observe specified tightening torque

2. Check gasket for spring strut mount and replace if necessary. To do so, remove the old gasket and any remains of the gasket on the spring strut dome and bodywork.

3. Bond new gasket in correct position.

The bolts of the spring strut mount must be centered in the holes of the gasket If the gasket is not positioned properly, it may be squashed by the bolts.


4. Insert spring strut in vehicle.

Position the spring strut mount correctly on the spring strut dome. The red dot (arrow) must point to the front (the spring strut mount is not symmetrical). In this position, the shock absorber piston rod is offset to the back.

Use new fastening nuts.


5. Replace mounting bolts and cage with fastening nuts for bolting spring strut to

6. Bleed front brake circuit. Install wheel.

7. Check and, if necessary adjust, front axle wheel alignment values.

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