Adjusting spur gear I (drive gear)

1. Remove intermediate plate.

2. Remove adjusting shim (refer to page

3. Remove spur gear II (intermediate gear) for measurement.

4. Bolt up cover with Intermediate plate Tighten all screws and bolts to 23 Nm

6. Fit dial gauge holder VW 387 with dial gauge and zero out dial gauge with a

7. Move spur gear I up and down on internal puller and read off play on dial gauge (e.g. 1.18 mm).

Do no turn or tilt the spur gear when measuring the clearance. Repeat measuring process

8. Determine shim thickness. Measured value plus 0.20 mm (preload and thickness of compressed gasket) equals shim thickness

The constant value is 0.20 mm for all trans-Example

Measured value 1.18 mm Constant value + 0.20 mm Shim thickness 1.38 mm

9. Fit a shim of the determined thickness (1.38 mm in our example).

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