Volume III: Transmission Automatic

Volume I: Overall vehicle - General 0

General Maintenance, diagnosis 03


Engine - Crankcase, mounting 10

Engine - Crankshaft, pistons 13

Engine - Cylinder head, valve drive 15

Engine - Lubrication 17

Fuel, exhaust system, engine electrical system 2

Fuel system, electronic injection^ 24

Volume II: Transmission 3

Transmission Clutch, control 30

Manual transmission Manual transmission - Controls, case 34

Manual transmission - Gears, shafts, inner operation 35

Final drive, differential, differential lock 39

Volume III: Transmission 3

Transmission Automatic transmission - Torque converter 32

Automatic Automatic transmission - Controls, case 37

transmission Automatic transmission - Gears, control 38

Final drive, differential, differential lock 39

Volume IV: Chassis 4

Chassis Front wheel suspension, drive shaft 40

Rear wheel suspension, drive shaft 42

Wheels, tires, alignment 44

Anti-Lock System (ABS) 45

Brakes - Mechanical 46

Brakes - Hydraulics, regulator, booster 47

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