1. Position, but do not tighten, the headlight rail and mountings. Install and secure the locking lever.

2. Install headlight and lock it in position with the locking lever. A second person must press the headlight firmly into the fender. Make sure that the headlight seal is correctly positioned in the fender.

3. Tighten the mountings in the correct order! The headlight rail must be tightened first, then the left and right mountings. Tightening torque: 10 Nm (7 ftlb.)

4. Check whether the headlight can be locked and unlocked. Adjust headlight using adjustment unit (see maintenance operations, page 03 - 20).


2. Flip over locking clamp on headlight houi ing and take off cover with fitted igniter. Screw out electrical connector from D2S lamp (quarter-turn socket fastener).

3. Carefully bend tab washers (2 ea.) open at retaining ring. Press retaining ring down and turn left (quarter-turn socket fastener). Take out retaining ring and D2S lamp.

3. Check operation and adjustment of h lights (refer to maintenance operatior

94 23 19 Removing and installing gas discharge lamp (Litronic headlights)

Printed In Germany - 16, 1996

Troubleshooting Note

If the dipped beam (Litronic headlight) is defective, only the individual components can be replaced. The wires and control units are connected to high voltage. Do not use any measuring device to measure the voltage of wires or control units.

Removing and installing gas dischari lamp (D2S)

Removing and installing control unit

1. Loosen fastening screw on control ui bracket and remove control unit.

94 15 01 Litronic headlight (dipped beam): troubleshooting

Printed In Germany • 16, 1996

2. Disconnect electric plug connection and detach bracket from control unit.


3. Install new control unit and check operation.

2. Unscrew electric plug connection on D2S lamp (bajonet catch) and separate plug connection on trigger device.


3. Install lid with integrated trigger device of second headlight and check operation.

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