Installation position of components


Retrofitting is described taking the Motorola International 2000 as an example. Other telephone systems may differ in certain details. Do not modify routing of the wiring, however, since this may lead to malfunctions during vehicle operation.

Transmitter/receiver unit

The transmitter/receiver unit is fitted within the emergency spare wheel in the luggage compartment.


Telephone console

The telephone console is bolted to the right-hand side of the center console in the footwell


Fit seat stop for passenger seat to the left seat rail below the front hexagon socket head bolt.


The mounting bracket for the transmitter/receiver unit is included with the respective telephone version.

Operating unit

Assembly instructions and/or drilling template are supplied with the respective telephone model.

Hole pattern for handsfree microphone assem bly panel.

The figure below shows the hole pattern from below (upper section of steering column panel).


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