1. Do not grease bolts or screws. Observe torque specifications.

2. Mount spring strut on body. Use new fastening nut.

Precise compliance with the specified tightening torque of 33 Nm (24.5 ftlb) is essential.


3. Install heating blower or air filter.

4. Mount spring strut on wheel carrier. (Insert control arm 2).

5. Install control arm 2 on cross member. Note

Before installing control arm 2 on cross member, check thread condition and grade of eccentric bolt. Required grade 10.9 (grade first used 8.8 / check spare parts catalog). The grade is shown on the bolt head. If thread is damaged or bolt is grade 8.8, use new eccentric bolt..

In this case, transfer position mark from old eccentric bolt to new bolt.

Caution: Before tightening the eccentric bolt (area A), read the following instructions.

6. Tighten eccentric bolt (area A) in reference position.

Reference position: Control arm 2 and the rear cross member must form a horizontal line.

To establish reference position, lift wheel carrier with universal jack.

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